Whether you are a house or flat owner, renting or a landlord there are many benefits to using prepaid electricity over normal billed electricity in your home or office. Prepaid electricity means you don’t get bills in the post at the end of the month and many people in Nigeria using prepaid electricity now would never want to go back. Remember that if you are using a prepaid meter and would like to be able to buy prepaid electricity online using your debit/credit card, Instantenergy.com.ng offer a comprehensive online prepaid recharge service. You can easily buy prepaid online 24 hours a day using your phone, tablet or PC. If you find any errors or have any suggestions for this page, please email Support@instantenergy.com.ng and we will contact you as soon as possible.

There are numerous reasons to use prepaid electricity and this little guide helps you to understand a bit more about why you should be using prepaid electricity.

NO METER READERS – Whilst in previous generations having a meter reader come to your house would have had little concern, unfortunately in this day and age there are a lot of security risks associated with meter readers. In traditional postpaid electricity a meter reading official from the electricity company would come to your premises to ‘read the meter’. Unfortunately, due to crime and fraud, having unknown people on your premises or even in your house is incredibly undesirable. If you switch to prepaid electricity there are no meter readers at all, so there is no risk.

BUDGET BETTER – When you are using postpaid electricity (get billed at the end of the month) you are not aware how much you are using a day, a week or an hour. A prepaid electricity meter has a read out which displays your units as well as level of power consumption. This allows you to better monitor how much electricity you are using and therefore budget better every month. If you often get electricity bills at the month that are surprisingly higher than you ever thought, then switching to prepaid will help you to monitor and use your electricity more efficiently.

NO BILLING INACCURACIES – Have you ever had to dispute your electricity bill as it was not accurate? If you are using prepaid electricity you are in control of exactly how much you buy each month. You cannot be over-billed by the electricity company as you can only use what you have bought. Using prepaid electricity allows you to more accurately budget for electricity each month.

AVOID NON-PAYMENT PROBLEMS – Not paying your electricity bill on time can cause many issues and even have a negative effect on your credit record. Switching to prepaid electricity will mean you never have to worry about any problems associated with not paying your electricity bill on time.

NO DISCONNECTION / RECONNECTION FEES – If your electricity has been disconnected before you will know that there are penalty fees associated with disconnection and reconnection of electricity at your home or business. Having a prepaid meter on your premises will mean you never have to worry about being disconnected and the extra payments required for reconnection.

NO DEPOSIT REQUIRED – In many cases to have postpaid electricity on your property will require a deposit to be paid before the electricity is initially connected. With prepaid this is not the case and whether you have an existing meter or are thinking of having one installed you will not have to pay a deposit.

24 / 7 SERVICE – Prepaid electricity can be purchased from vendors across Nigeria and can be accessed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. There is no need to phone or go online to have your electricity activated. Simply enter your prepaid electricity token and your electricity units will be added to your account, whatever time of day or night making it convenient.


    • Hello Adenipekun,
      To the best of our knowledge there no payments for installations, you get charged over time from the bills you pay.

  1. Thank you for this important information. My question goes thus: I have been on estimated billing system and I am tired of that, so I requested for a prepaid meter but I was told that I have to pay certain amount for the meter. How true is this?

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